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I don't feel like I've made a legitimate update in a while. I have to find some way to kill an hour and half at work.

So, graduation has come and gone. I've settled back into a routine and life at home in Allen. It feels really good to be around the parents and Mike again. I forgot that I have one damn cool little brother. We're similar in many ways, it's kind of scary. Life is fun and good when I'm at home. One thing about moving back is that I'm surprised at all of the changes and renovations occurring around Allen. The Market Street shops are almost complete. It's gorgeous at night. It's a mixture of high class shopping and waterfalls, creek paths and high dining, bronze ducks and a giant bronze ox. I need more excuses to go there. Or no excuse at all.

*Ishita Break!*

*Work Break!*

*FOCUS Break!*

My one complaint about moving back home has been the fact that when people at UTD want to hang out or do various things, I have to make the drive down there to do it. The inertia is almost a bit too much to overcome sometimes. I just got back from hanging out with the FOCUS crowd for a game night. It was a lot of fun. It was like I never left at all.

As for the act of leaving itself, I'm over it. The first week after graduation was almost a dazed dream where I feared being forgotten and forgetting people that meant a lot to me. However, after time here at home, I've been slowly letting go of that chapter of my life. Four years I lived and toiled at UTD for better or worse. I spent time reliving the moments and memories with all of the mistakes and wondrous triumphs included. Then, I tucked them away for safe-keeping within the vault of my heart. Even if I do forget, I won't have truly forgotten; the memories will always live on within me.

It's never good to live in the past when there's so much good in the future to look forward to. I'm headed down a good path. The future can be anything I want to make it to be. I need only to look ahead and to tackle each situation as I always have: with wit, courage, and a grand smile.


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Jun. 9th, 2009 12:37 am (UTC)
Hey, will I ever forget you? Will you ever forget me? I think you can live up to your blogtitle here and optimistically know that there are some connections you have forged at UTD that will survive Ragnarok.
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