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~Two Week Warning~

The title of this post is a bit of a misnomer. I actually now have less than two weeks here in civilian life before I am supposed to report in to Rhode Island for training. I'm excited. I'm ready. But, I need to tie up my loose ends here in civilian life before I can do so.

We are now down to the Two Week Warning. Every day is going to count.

Things I Have to Do:

1. Study Navy Knowledge.
2. Work out 5 days a week. Running, pushups, situps, the whole kit and caboodle.
3. Buy necessary items and pack them neatly in a nondescript bag that will NOT invite ridicule from the Drill Instructors.
4. See everyone.

Initial Schedule:

Monday, November 23rd - Chamber Singers, See UTD-related people.
Tuesday, November 24th - Free
Wednesday, November 25th - Free
Thursday, November 26th - Turkey Day
Friday, November 27th - Free
Saturday, November 28th - Possible thing with Jason Rodda's birthday and Novis?
Sunday, November 29th - Free
Monday, November 30th - Chamber Singers, See UTD-related people
Tuesday, December 1st - Free
Wednesday, December 2nd - Last Day of Chamber Singers, See UTD-related people
Thursday, December 3rd - Last Novis practice, See Sara Arnold
Friday, December 4th - HOLY SHIT WHAT DID I FORGET day
Saturday, December 5th - Fly out?
Sunday, December 6th - Report for duty to HELL!!!!


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Nov. 23rd, 2009 08:09 pm (UTC)
I really wish I could see you before you ship out...
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