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A week ago, I ran the Navy Physical Readiness Test. It is a test that they administer to Officer Selectees and you must pass a certain threshold to be deemed ready to enter Officer Candidate School. I ran it to determine my physical fitness and I will run it twice more before I ship out: once 30 days before I go, once more the week before I'm due in to make sure I don't become a fat ass.

In my age bracket, my fitness standards look like this:

58 Situps
47 Pushups
12:00 1.5 mile run

My final results were:

80 Situps (+20 improvement!!!) Good-High
60 Pushups (+4 improvement) Good-Medium
10:45 1.5 mile run (+25 second improvement!!!) Good-High

I've improved a lot since my Navy SEAL fitness test back in May. That's great considering how much I've been eating and sitting on my ass playing videogames. However, now that my possible ship date is getting closer and closer, it's time to really ramp up my training and train harder and smarter.

My fitness PRT goals are to hit the next tier of performance in the Navy's PRT chart.

87 Situps Excellent-Low
71 Pushups Excellent-Low
10:30 1.5 mile run Excellent-Low

1. I will wake up at 8:00 every morning to be ready to work out at 9:00.
2. I will not eat ANY fast food.
3. I will eat only healthy items from sit-down restaurants.
4. I will not drink ANY alcoholic beverages.
5. No sodas either. Water and Powerade. And that NO-Explode crap that my brother swears by.

Personal Goals:

1. Play Guitar for half an hour every day.
2. Play Piano for half an hour every day.
3. Read more books.
4. Play more videogames.

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