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~Training Regimen~

So. Since coming down here to Pensacola, my ability to run has been shot to pieces. While I could run for forever and a day up in Newport, the Florida sun and muggy air has me gasping and wheezing in minutes. It's kind of pathetic. From 3 miles to 3 minutes. What is wrong with me?!

It has occurred to me that I actually need to start over and rebuild my cardio base so that I can run down here in PCola. It feels pretty good to have a plan.

Starting out:
M, W, F:
  - Navy Dive School PT Session
  - Follow Running Plan

T, R: 
  - Weight Circuit x2

  - Something Fun. Go surf or something.

Week 4 Running Plan:
5 minute Warm Up
3 minute Jog
90 second Walk
5 minute Jog
90 second Walk
3 minute Jog
90 second Walk
5 minute Jog
90 second walk

~Owl City~

I'm never one to say that I have a "favorite" band. My tastes in music are extremely varied. While I like genres of music and certain songs, it becomes really difficult for me to say if I like a certain band or not. I guess it depends on what my current situation is in life, and my mood.

Lately, I've discovered a band that is musically relevant to me and my life at the moment. Owl City is fantastic, across all of its songs. When I listen to them, I feel nostalgic, almost like a kid running amok in a field with his best friend... or a childhood love. All of Adam Young's songs have this fantasy, whimsical feel to them because of the lyrics. "Fireflies" is such a great example of this. They are a lot of fun, which is lately how I've been feeling.

"The Tip of the Iceberg" is a lot of fun, because it is a love song in a setting of a white winter wonderland... and then all of a sudden, at the 2:12 mark, the winter wonderland becomes the site of a rave. Sheer genius.

"The Saltwater Room" is the song most on my mind at the moment though. The chorus lyrics really speak to me and the questions that have been on my mind.

Time together isn't ever quite enough,
(When you and I are alone, I've never felt so at home)
What will it take to make or break this hint of love?
(We need time, only time)
When we're apart whatever are you thinking of?
(If this is what I call home, why do I feel so alone?)
So tell me darling, do you wish we'd fall in love?
(All the time, all the time.)

Hm. I wonder.

Keep dancing, my fellow LJ friends.

~A Perfect Circle~

I was walking out of Naval Hospital Branch Dental this morning after getting my teeth cleaned by a madwoman (She scraped the hell out of my teeth. It was unpleasant, but my teeth feel oddly great right now). At that moment, the Blue Angels passed by overhead in formation at very near the speed of sound. It was awesome, because while you are down here, you really feel like you are in the Cradle of Naval Aviation.

As I stood there, watching them practice their maneuvers and stunts, I realized something. I have come full circle with what I wanted to do with my life.

When I was a child, I remember going to the Blue Angel airshows in El Toro, California. I watched with the same sense of awe and wonder then as I did this morning outside Dental. One of my first toys was a Navy fighter that I used to go zooming around my apartment home with. For as long as I can remember I loved and wanted to fly like the Blue Angels.

And here I am now, without knowing it, working towards what I dreamed of doing when I was a wee tyke. I am simply blown away by this.

There are things and circumstances getting in the way though. Yesterday, I had my flight physical. The Flight Surgeon, Captain Reeves, found an issue with my ears that all my previous doctors managed to overlook. I have a medical condition with my ears where my eardrums, for some reason unknown to me and Captain Reeves, have receded far back into my ears. They are much further back than normal ears, to the point where they are actually behind the ossicles (the vibrating small bones) of my ears, instead of in front like they're supposed to. All things considered, rightfully, I should be deaf in my left ear (he fact that I'm still able to hear blew away Captain Reeves). This condition is serious enough in me that it not only disqualifies me from Aviation, but naval service!

The good news is that it might be possible to fix this condition with surgery. The bad news is that there is no guarantee if the surgery will fix me or make me worse, or even if the surgery is possible. We'll have to see.

Later on in the morning, I went to Naval Hospital Pensacola off-base to get a CT scan of my head and to set up an appointment with the Audiologist on staff. The appointment is April 21st. The worst-case scenario is that I will only get to stay in the Navy for 21 more days. The best case scenario, though, is that they fix me and I'll stay a Naval Flight Officer.

As I walked out of the Naval Hospital, the Blue Angels passed by overhead again. I have hope.

~Future References~

M, W, F

Try to do this work out in one hour

Warm up
50 jumping jacks
20 windmills
various stretches

20 8-count-bodybuilders
20 4-count flutter kicks
20 in-outs
20 4-count push ups
20 4-count hello darlings
20 4-count lunges
40 small arm circles (20 to the front/20 to the back)
20 burpees
20 4-count push ups
20 4-count flutter kicks
20 squat jumps
40 arm hurlers
2 Supersets 10 diamonds/10 4-count mountain climbers (do not get up)
If you can, work some pull ups and dips into the above rotation.

Run 1-1.5 miles 8:30 pace or better(to a grassy area)
Lungs should be burning/shoulders and legs should be saying, what the hell are you trying to do to me?

20 8-count-bodybuilders
25 4-count flutter kicks
20 squat jumps
15 4-count push ups
20 4-count V-crunches (keep legs/back straight and off the ground and come up to a v shape)
20 4-count lunges
20 4-count steam engines
15 4-count diamonds
25 4-count flutter kicks
20 burpees
40 arm hurlers
3 Supersets 10 diamonds/10 4-count mountain climbers (do not get up)

Drag your ass back 1-1.5 miles (stopping when you get out of breath to do push ups)

As many 8-count-bodybuilders that you can do.

Swim if you can

T, R

Run 4-6 miles 8 minute pace or better
Stop about every five minutes to do 10 8-count-bodybuilders

Swim if you can

~Two Week Warning~

The title of this post is a bit of a misnomer. I actually now have less than two weeks here in civilian life before I am supposed to report in to Rhode Island for training. I'm excited. I'm ready. But, I need to tie up my loose ends here in civilian life before I can do so.

We are now down to the Two Week Warning. Every day is going to count.

Things I Have to Do:

1. Study Navy Knowledge.
2. Work out 5 days a week. Running, pushups, situps, the whole kit and caboodle.
3. Buy necessary items and pack them neatly in a nondescript bag that will NOT invite ridicule from the Drill Instructors.
4. See everyone.

Initial Schedule:

Monday, November 23rd - Chamber Singers, See UTD-related people.
Tuesday, November 24th - Free
Wednesday, November 25th - Free
Thursday, November 26th - Turkey Day
Friday, November 27th - Free
Saturday, November 28th - Possible thing with Jason Rodda's birthday and Novis?
Sunday, November 29th - Free
Monday, November 30th - Chamber Singers, See UTD-related people
Tuesday, December 1st - Free
Wednesday, December 2nd - Last Day of Chamber Singers, See UTD-related people
Thursday, December 3rd - Last Novis practice, See Sara Arnold
Friday, December 4th - HOLY SHIT WHAT DID I FORGET day
Saturday, December 5th - Fly out?
Sunday, December 6th - Report for duty to HELL!!!!

~AFest Notes~

Cool things that I heard about from AFest that I really need to look into:

Trigun Maximum

Final Fantasy Dissidia
Final Fantasy Crisis Core

Yann Tiersen
Final Fantasy


A week ago, I ran the Navy Physical Readiness Test. It is a test that they administer to Officer Selectees and you must pass a certain threshold to be deemed ready to enter Officer Candidate School. I ran it to determine my physical fitness and I will run it twice more before I ship out: once 30 days before I go, once more the week before I'm due in to make sure I don't become a fat ass.

In my age bracket, my fitness standards look like this:

58 Situps
47 Pushups
12:00 1.5 mile run

My final results were:

80 Situps (+20 improvement!!!) Good-High
60 Pushups (+4 improvement) Good-Medium
10:45 1.5 mile run (+25 second improvement!!!) Good-High

I've improved a lot since my Navy SEAL fitness test back in May. That's great considering how much I've been eating and sitting on my ass playing videogames. However, now that my possible ship date is getting closer and closer, it's time to really ramp up my training and train harder and smarter.

My fitness PRT goals are to hit the next tier of performance in the Navy's PRT chart.

87 Situps Excellent-Low
71 Pushups Excellent-Low
10:30 1.5 mile run Excellent-Low

1. I will wake up at 8:00 every morning to be ready to work out at 9:00.
2. I will not eat ANY fast food.
3. I will eat only healthy items from sit-down restaurants.
4. I will not drink ANY alcoholic beverages.
5. No sodas either. Water and Powerade. And that NO-Explode crap that my brother swears by.

Personal Goals:

1. Play Guitar for half an hour every day.
2. Play Piano for half an hour every day.
3. Read more books.
4. Play more videogames.

~My Guitar~

I picked up my guitar again after months of letting it sit. It called out to me today, asking to be played. I did for a bit, and it felt good to be making music again.

She's a blue sunburst color with black trim. She's pretty and humble in a subdued way. However, she doesn't have a name. Maybe in our time together, she will come to tell me her name.

~Workout Revised~

Okay. So a problem I've been having lately with the BUD/s Warning Order workout is that it's too... boring. Everyday, I run, I do pushups, situps, pullups, and then I swim for a bit. I've been following this workout more or less for six weeks or so. I think it's time to change gears.

A couple of months ago, I purchased a workout/fitness guide from a former Navy SEAL. However, the workouts kicked my ass royally and I wasn't able to complete it. I think it's time that I went back to it if not for just variety's sake. I've been running and doing enough pushups where I feel like I now have a comfortable physical base from which to proceed.

Stew Smith's Navy SEAL fitness Phase One... COMMENCE


10x20 jumping jacks
10x20 squats
10x10 pushups

500 yard swim breaststroke
500 yard swim combat swimmer stroke

1.5 mile run

~BUD/s Warning Order Workout~

BUD/s Warning Order Workout: Week 7

Monday - 3 miles
Tuesday - 4 miles
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - 5 miles
Friday - 2 miles

Pushups & Situps M/W/F
6x30 pushups
6x30 situps
2x10 pullups

Swimming (5 times a week):
30 minutes continuously